Rose Arbuthnott

Still life with turquoise

Oil on panel
55 x 58cm
£650 — P&P:£15

Artist Bio's

Aisha Bridgman

Aisha is a contemporary painter, who works from her home studio in Surrey. She studied Fine Art and is influenced by Abstract Expressionism and the Washington Colour School. In her earlier career, Aisha worked for two leading contemporary art galleries, spent several years within the antiques trade at Christie’s and worked as a Gallery Manager for an antique furniture dealer. In recent years, Aisha reignited her painting practice and is now focused on her career as an artist.

She paints intuitively, combining mixed media such as acrylic paint, ink, oils, or oil pastel to make abstract art and sometimes uses thread, to enhance compositional details further, or to provide contrasting accents of colour. She enjoys giving the viewer something new to consider and her paintings are now being secured in private collections within the UK and Europe.
Frances Watts

Frances Watts is a British artist inspired by the shifting colours and shapes of the landscape. Often working en plein air, Frances paints quickly, invariably using a palette knife or a large brush to respond to her surroundings with vibrancy and texture. Frances holds a BA in Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of art and has spent several years working as an illustrator.
Henrietta Charteris

Henrietta Charteris is a Scottish-born, contemporary figurative painter. She was born in 1979 in Aberdeen, grew up in the Highlands of Scotland, and has lived in California, Switzerland, France, Singapore, and The West of England. She has since returned to Scotland, where she paints out of her log cabin.
 Her imaginative paintings are born from memories of the people and places from her past and present, such as Californian camping trips as a child.
Amy Shuckburgh

Amy Shuckburgh is a British artist. She grew up in London and is now based in Somerset. Amy makes distinctive landscapes, figurative and still life work, predominately in soft pastel and oil paint.

Whether working en plein air or in her studio, Amy’s landscapes look for the mood and feeling of the places she draws, returning repeatedly to Cornwall, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Ile de Re.

Amy’s London studio was the home of late British artists Mary Fedden & Julian Trevelyan from the 1930s until Fedden’s death in 2012. Amy’s portrait of Harold Pinter, done from sittings in the playwright’s final years, is permanently displayed at the Harold Pinter Theatre, London. Amy is an elected Associate Artist at Unison Colour. She won the Heatherley’s Award for Drawing for her depiction of motherhood.
Jemma Powell

Jemma Powell is an Oxfordshire based artist. She draws her inspiration from nature and the places she travels to, working en plein air in watercolour, charcoal, pencil and oil pastel, bringing it home to develop later in oil on board. They also reflect her passion of the outdoors and the countryside that surrounds her home.
Rose Abuthnott

My still lives are an Expression of many years devoted to living in the countryside. I never thought this would stick as an art expression.

I have always considered my work to be about colour, which is why it’s so flat! I grew up on a homestead in Gloucestershire, for those who like to impressed, I had art scholarships to 2 different schools before heading to Edinburgh university where I mixed art history with my hands in practice I ended up in sculpture making sculptures in clay and plaster and other performative experiments. I spent a year drawing at the then princes drawing school, before returning to the country to run a residency for 5 years. My work has always gone alongside great friendships and deep discussion of what we were up to. I traveled and painted a bit. But am ready to sculpt again as soon as I can.
Nick carrick

Nick Carrick uses nature and the representational world as a springboard intoabstraction for his paintings. The subject matter is diverse, ranging from newspaper clippings, old photos, personal memories both poignant and insignificant, and things that capture his attention on a walk or train journey. “Abject beauty to me often lies within the mundane and banal that is so often overlooked in everyday life.”

This current series of oil paintings is looking back at past bucolic depictions of rural England but
with fresh modern colours. Thinking about the rise of Cottagecore, an aesthetic inspired by scenes of agricultural life, do we finally realise that a more simple life and harmony with natur is the only way forward in the future.

Pack looks back at the work of British female artists Marion Elizabeth Adnams & Eileen Agar, as well as landscape artist Adrian Berg.  To do the dance between figuration & abstraction Pack looks to Elizabeth McIntosh, Ree Morton & Gabriele Munter for inspiration.
Erica Fairhust

Erica was born and raised surrounded by the hills of Dorset where she has returned to live and rediscovered her love of painting in recent years.  She started painting at secondary school, painting 7ft self portraits in oil,  inspired by the expressionist and impressionist painters of the last two centuries.

Erica paints at home in Chetnole, Dorset, which she shares with her two young children, her husband, a lot of palette knives and easels.  She uses Acrylic paint, the most practical medium for home life and making layers or colour without losing any vibrancy. Her landscapes are gradually moving toward abstraction but remain firmly recognisable.  She spends many sunny days sketching and painting out of the back of her car, or sitting in a field.  Armed with sketches, photographs and memory, she pieces landscapes together in her studio.
Kim Kimbro

Kim Kimbro is a contemporary American painter who re-imagines animals in loose, hyper-colored and psychologically affecting renderings. Born in Connecticut, she attended the Norwich Free Academy and received a classical education in painting and drawing, graduating with national awards and honors. She then received a BFA from the Parsons School of Design/New School for Social Research in New York. Her work can be found in private collections through North and South America, Europe, and Australia. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


A  small percentage of the proceedings will be going to 'Tree Sisters'. 
"TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. We are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care.”

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